Welcome to
Dew Claw Studios.


Servicing potters from Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Connecticut.

We offer a wide range of products & pottery classes for all levels and workshops intended to interest someone just starting out as well as the seasoned potter trying to blow out the cobwebs.  If pottery classes or workshops don't interest you, but you are looking for a place to work, we have monthly memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Dew Claw?
A: A Dew Claw is the thumb of a dog or a cat.  Taht little nail up on the arm a little above the paw.

Q:  Why Dew Claw?
A:  Because we are convinced that if dogs (and we suppose cats) had opposable thumbs that they would indeed rule the world.

Q:  How many dogs do you have?
A:  We have one.  Her name is Cream Cheese.  She is a young, white dog with brown spots and love to jump up on our tables. We call her Cheesy and she can be found at the studio on most days we are open.  Also, in our studio, you may encounter Butter, she is a smaller dog that one our member's brings with her.   

Q:  Do you have air conditioning?
A:  As a matter of fact, we do have air conditioning and it's made our studio much more tolerable in the summer.  It really cuts the humidity down.

Q:  Is it warm in the winter?
A:  Here in New England it generally isn't too warm in the winter, but our studio is equipped with heat.  We are located in an old mill building, so it can be drafty.  Dress warm!

Q:  What if there is bad weather or another reason class will be cancelled?
A:  All class cancellation and studio closure notices will be posted on Facebook.  We will also make every effort to contact students prior to class to let them know if their class is delayed, postponed or cancelled.

Q:  John is so funny.  Is there anywhere else I can see him?
A:  He hasn't done much recently, but he and Jason have both appeared on PBS's Cultivating Life.  They did a raku firing.  It's very enjoyable.  John also appears in the film Pawtucket Rising, a documentary of the artist resurgence in the mills in the Pawtucket Area.  He's not as funny in this feature as the TV show, but he does look like a fisherman (you'll see what I mean).  

Q:  Are you currently hiring teachers?
A:  We do not hire teachers, what we do is ask teachers to come up with class ideas and convince us that it will be a good class.  If you convince us, then we'll put it on the schedule and see if others are interested.

Q:  Who are you guys?
A:  John Mitchell & I (Kris Pedersen) are the owners and operators of Dew Claw Studios.  We are married (August 2009) and live in Northern Seekonk, just over the Rhode Island line.  I transplanted from Needham, MA to Rhode Island in 2001 and was just starting to be a Rhode Islander when we purchased a home over the Pawtucket line in Seekonk.  John grew up in Central Falls, where we lived prior to purchasing our home a few years ago.  John and Cheesy are in charge and I just do odd jobs to help out.

Q:  What's the history of the studio?
A:  John & I started this studio back in 2002.  We were a part of the dislocated workers from the .com (dot com) crash and decided that the Providence area needed a studio for beginner students, intermediate students and hobbyists to come and enjoy each other's company while learning all about clay.  We wanted to provide a studio that would teach as much or as little as our customers wanted to learn.  We have and do enjoy our members and students very much.  Every person at Dew Claw brings something to our studio, and because of that, it is always changing.  John is a constant presence in the studio, he is here most days and teaches most of the classes.  I do a variety of miscellaneous things to help out but don't make it into the studio as much as I'd like.  We have a lot of members who have been coming for 10 years or more and they have really become part of the Dew Claw Family - George Garcia is our Artist in Residence and he is FANTASTIC.  He is often called upon to represent our studio when we can't be around, as well as Bonnie McKenna, Norma Anderson, and Clayton Lanphear.  We moved our studio from the South Elmwood area of Providence/Cranston to "the Mill at 545" on Pawtucket Avenue on the Pawtucket/Providence line back in 2006 and swore we would never move again (really, really heavy).

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